Technologies for Tourism Companies

The travel industry has seen some of the most profound changes of recent times, with companies like Airbnb, Uber and others transforming the way we think about it.

Despite constant pressure from third parties and direct vendors, the travel agency business is neither dead nor showing signs of giving up. In fact, travel agents are responsible for nearly 80% of cruise bookings, 70% of travel package bookings and 55% of air travel bookings.

Travellers still prefer expert advice in sorting out their travel plan complexities, but they expect more than scrolling through Skyscanner search results on a travel agent’s computer.

In the 10 years of solving issues for our customers, we have explored and tested a range of travel technology solutions developed by our partners and we are particularly well-versed in systems used by travel agents for reservations, customer management, accounting and e-commerce.

We strongly believe the travel agencies of tomorrow must be armed with innovative and powerful travel technologies. 

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