Private Charter Flights

Chartering a private jet for business or leisure may seem like a luxury, but it often costs less than you’d think. The flexibility and privacy you get are priceless.

We offer a wide choice of aircraft from premium operators for safe and hassle-free travels in Europe, America, Asia and Africa – whether you’re travelling alone or with a group.


  • bespoke departure and arrival times
  • reach a remote location or arrive closer to your destination comparing to what a scheduled flight would allow
  • access private terminals, avoid busy airports and long security queues, and board the aircraft minutes before take-off
  • gourmet cuisine during the flight
  • confidentiality and 24/7 flight support


Light Jets

Passengers: 7
Range: 2200-4000 km or up to 3,5 flight hours. Speed: 650-850 km/h
Popular models: Learjet 40/45XR, Citation Bravo/CJ3/CJ4, Hawker 400XP

Mid Size Jets

Passengers: 8
Range: 3500-5500 km or up to 5,5 flight hours. Speed: 750-850 km/h
Popular models: Cessna Citation XLS, Gulfstream 150, Hawker 800 / 850 / 900, Learjet 55/60/60XR

Super Mid Size Jets

Passengers: 9
Range: 5200-6300 km or up to 10 flight hours. Speed: 850-950 km/h,
Popular models: Challenger 300 / 350, Gulfstream 200, Citation Sovereign, Hawker 4000, Citation X, Falcon 2000

Heavy Jets

Passengers: 12-16
Range: 6000-12000 km or up to 14 flight hours. Speed: 800-900 km/h
Popular models: Bombardier Global 5000 / 6000, Challenger 604/605/850, Embraer Legacy 600/650, Gulfstream 400/450/550/650, Global 5000, Falcon 900

Airliners for 20 and more passengers

Range: up to 1000-9000 km. Speed: 500-900 km/h
Popular models: Boeing 737-300/737-500, Airbus A220-300/319/320, ATR 72, Bombardier CRJ 200/CRJ-700/CRJ-900/ Q400 NextGen, Embraer 145/190

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