Private Charter Flights

Chartering a private jet for business or leisure may seem like a luxury, but it often costs less than you’d think. The flexibility and privacy you get are priceless.

Experience in Private Aviation

We offer a wide choice of aircraft from premium operators for safe and hassle-free travel in Europe, America, Asia and Africa – whether you’re travelling alone or with a group.

Why private air charter?

  • Bespoke departure and arrival times
  • Reach a remote location or arrive closer to your destination compared to what a scheduled flight would allow
  • On-demand transfers to and from the airport as well as different concierge services available to enhance your trip
  • Access private terminals, avoid busy airports and long security queues and board the aircraft minutes before take-off
  • Gourmet cuisine during the flight
  • Confidentiality and 24/7 flight support. Contact us now via your favourite channel: e-mail, phone or WhatsApp!

How much does it cost to fly in a private jet?

The price depends on aircraft size, number of passengers, locations you are travelling to, trip duration and other factors. Starting prices for the most popular private charter flights (One-Way):

Riga-Stockholm 4-6 seats from € 3900
Riga-London 4-6 seats from € 12000
Riga-Barcelona 6-8 seats from € 14900

Light Jets

Passengers: 7
Range: 2200-4000 km or up to 3,5 flight hours. Speed: 650-850 km/h
Popular models: Learjet 40/45XR, Citation Bravo/CJ3/CJ4, Hawker 400XP

Mid Size Jets

Passengers: 8
Range: 3500-5500 km or up to 5,5 flight hours. Speed: 750-850 km/h
Popular models: Cessna Citation XLS, Gulfstream 150, Hawker 800/850/900, Learjet 55/60/60XR

Super Mid Size Jets

Passengers: 9
Range: 5200-6300 km or up to 10 flight hours. Speed: 850-950 km/h,
Popular models: Challenger 300/350, Gulfstream 200, Citation Sovereign, Hawker 400, Citation X, Falcon 2000

Heavy Jets

Passengers: 12-19
Range: 6000-12000 km or up to 14 flight hours. Speed: 800-900 km/h
Popular models: Bombardier Global 5000/6000, Challenger 604/605/850, Embraer Legacy 600/650, Gulfstream 400/450/550/650, Global 5000, Falcon 900

Airliners for 20 and more passengers

Range: up to 1000-9000 km. Speed: 500-900 km/h
Popular models: Boeing 737-500, Airbus A220-300/320, ATR 72, Bombardier CRJ 200/CRJ-900, Embraer 145/190

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